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Welcome to Alfa IT Recruitment

Alfa IT Recruitment Ltd is a consultancy specialising in the provision of high quality skills to the UK IT market. Our promise to clients is that we will work with them to fully understand their needs, and then through our unique access to resources, only forward a maximum of three well-matched and fully briefed candidates to any one vacancy.

Our business philosophy is to develop strong relationships with clients and candidates alike. To achieve this we ensure that the customer, is allocated an experienced IT recruitment consultant, tasked with gaining not only a thorough understanding of their technical requirement, but also the soft skills and personal attributes that enable people to excel and interact in their organisation.

By using a single point of contact, we are able to build relationships based on experience and understanding, which in turn allows us to tailor our services to fit our client's bespoke needs.

All of our candidates are interviewed in depth initially by telephone, before being interviewed in a one-on-one situation. Finally we follow up on relevant references. This process enables us to assign appropriate candidates to the vacancy and company culture. The recommended candidates should complement the client organisation and of course fulfil his/her own career aspirations.

By following this rigorous procedure to present our clients with a short list of suitable candidates, we are able to offer them a valuable solution that meets their requirements saving time and expense.

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Salary Surveys

Alfa IT Recruitment offer clients access to a proven and integrated recruitment process that has resulted in many satisfied..

Alfa IT Recruitment can provide reporting if required to support the complete selection process. These reports can provide...

Alfa IT Recruitment can also conduct salary surveys prior to conducting any recruitment. These surveys highlight the average salary ...

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